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  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Everything you need to know to nourish your body well, move the scale, and still live life
  • 6 live teaching sessions on zoom (replay available for one week)
  • Nourish Your Body Well Education, Routine, Accountability and Support
  • Enjoy What You Eat & Go to Foods list
  • Learning how to read food labels and better understand food
  • Menu, me-time and prep for the week ahead (plus two additional weeks)
  • 4lb - 8lb loss!
  • and more!

I wasn't expecting to do the mindset with meal planning because I never thought about analyzing my relationship with food. I've never got this from any trainer I've worked with. The three-tier aspect to how to approach weight loss, phemomenal.

At one point, meal planning used to stress me out and it was a struggle. Now I just know what to do, and how to do it because of the knowledge that's given me knowledge. The one thing that stuck with me is to ENJOY WHAT YOU EAT! I've followed other meal plans and I just didn't stick with it because it was bland food. My mindset has changed. I've never been trained to train my mind. I'm so glad!