Sis, Is it Time To Nourish Your Body Well?

so you can lose and keep off weight, fit into clothes you never thought you would, live free of illness, and conquer at work, home, and life!

Are you in? We start on June 1st at 6:30 pm!

Hey, Sis!

If you had to guess, what is the number one thing that keeps you from looking and feeling your best, keeping off weight, and reaching your wellness goals? You’ve guessed it: Nutrition, mindset, and L I F E!

During the Nourish Your Body Well 4-week Program, you're going to learn (and apply) the most effective way to approach nutrition, dealing with life and food, AND get the knowledge, guidance, and community you need to navigate the changes so it fits into YOUR life.

This approach to nutrition (what I call "Nourishing My Body Well") has helped me lose and keep off 80 lbs and continue to help other high-impact career women get consistent with nourishing their body well, feel confident and empowered, watch the numbers on the scale move, fit better into their clothes, live free of illness, enjoy the food they love, and walk with a pep in their step!

So, if you find yourself not wanting to try another diet, wondering why your belly won't go away, how to get off your prescriptions, why it's so hard to keep off weight, how to stick to your diet (or why you can't stick to a meal plan) starting and stopping, losing and gaining, all over the place with your routine, your relationship with food (and yourself) needs some work AND you're ready to jump back in feeling renewed, excited, and with a strong foundation the Nourish Your Body Well Program is for you!

This 4 week program is especially for you if:

- you are a woman 5'3 or less and it's hard to lose and keep off weight no matter what you've tried

- you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and you want that to be a thing of the past

- you struggle with emotional eating and it's adding to your waistline

- you rarely get enough fiber in on a daily basis

- you don't know what you don't know about food, but you know it's time for change

Plus, if you find yourself saying (and thinking) "I don't have time," "I know I need to eat better, but...," "I want to eat better but it's boring," "I have too much going on to meal plan..." or anything in between, the Nourish Your Body Well Program will show you how none of that is true!

And, especially if you're feeling heavy, tired, unlike yourself, and ready for that to be a thing of the past, I've got you covered!

If any of the above applies to you, this program could be what's been missing all of this time!

Fortunately, what you're about to experience over the next 4-weeks is not another cookie-cutter meal plan or diet for you to try to follow or another cheat sheet or fillable that you'll download, print, and use once.

There are nutrition (and mindset) principles you'll learn and together, you'll apply them week after week, day after day in a tastefully and purposefully prepared way! That's what it means to NOURISH MY BODY WELL!

We're in this together. Let's do this!

Read on below for a look at what you'll learn and what you'll do in the

4- week Nourish My Body Well Program:

Why Nourishing Your Body Well Is More than Putting Food In a Container & What to Do


Why Eating Healthy is About More Than Putting Food In a Container and What to Do About It Part 1 & 2

Have you ever thought... can I eat this, how much should I have, am I eating enough, eating too much, what about this, what about that, what can I snack on, what about fast food, ordering out, date nights, brunch, or treats? The questions can literally continue.

There is a such thing as eating too much or not eating enough. We'll find the sweet spot so that you never have to guess what or how much, you can nourish your body well in minutes, and you can enjoy food with confidence.

You'll understand how sugar, fiber, fruits, carbs, protein, fats, sodium, and calories fit with your body, goals, and lifestyle so that you can make the best choices for you while watching the pounds fall off... meal by meal and week by week.

By the end of this session, you'll deepen your understanding of how to nourish your body, make the best food choices, read labels, and use a food scale. You'll also have a menu for the week based on your life, goals, and tastebuds.

You'll know the 5-second trick to read food labels and how to measure your meals in 60 seconds or less (Yes! You read that right!) so that you enjoy what you eat with confidence.

Session time: 90 minutes

Why Eating Healthy Alone Isn’t Enough & What To Do


Why Eating Healthy Alone Isn't Enough

Known for skipping meals or barely eating throughout the day? How about emotional eating? Are you overdoing it and not eating enough? Do your mindset and past mistakes get in the way? Are you self-sabotaging?

Here's the truth: just as much as overeating or skipping meals can hold us back, it becomes very important to learn how to unpack (and repack) our thoughts, past mistakes, beliefs about ourselves, and our relationship with food because that is what truly dictates our actions.

It may feel unnecessary, but we spend so much time inside of our minds that this could be the deal breaker for you! For some, it could be thoughts and past mistakes, for others it could be scheduling, or lack of knowledge, or it can be a combination of both. Either way, we'll get to the bottom of it!

By the end of this session, we'll break down your thoughts, wellness journey, and lifestyle, and identify the best ways to nourish your body and think about your body throughout the day (especially when you're on the go, busy, short on time, or don't feel like cooking) so that you can give your body the fuel it needs so it can do what it needs to do for you.

Why It's Hard to Keep Off Weight Consistently and What to Do About It


Why It's Hard to Keep Off Weight Consistently and What to Do About It

In week 3, we pick up where we left off by focusing on your go-to list of foods AND the serving sizes for whatever you want to eat. (Yes, I said whatever you want to eat!) Then, we'll put it together to create menus for the week ahead based on your life, goals, and tastebuds.

Plus, you'll learn the number 1 way to lose weight, keep it off, and still live your life.

Let's Celebrate Nourishing My Body Well!


This might be my favorite day of all!

What's the point of learning something if we don't implement and try what we've learned? By week 4, you will have a deeper understanding of your relationship with food, have made a few major mindset and habit shifts, and see changes in your body and life.

By week 4, we are continuing with the knowledge and action steps we've taken and are celebrating with a Nourish Your Body Well Party! You'll get your personalized affirmations and Nourish Your Body Well Journal in the mail as we celebrate our successes and growth over the course of the month!

It's Time To Nourish My Body Well as a Lifestyle!


It's Time to Nourish Your Body Well as a Lifestyle!

Alright, sis, this is where and how the magic happens. Now, you'll rinse and repeat what you've learned. But, I know how it is when we're by ourselves. That's why you'll have an opportunity to become a member of the Nourish My Body Well Community for continued guidance, structure, coaching, events, and community.

For less than $10/day, you'll have the foundation to nourish your body well for a lifetime in just 4 short weeks!! Then, you'll have an opportunity to join the Nourish My Body Well Community for $49/m.

You'll go from winging it, forgetting it, stressing about it, guessing about it, and (more importantly) feeling overwhelmed or unsure to being confident about what you're eating, having the foundation to nourish your body well, being able to enjoy what you eat, watch the scale move, AND live your life!

I know... it sounds impossible and hard to believe, but it's happening every day! And you deserve for it to be you!





I wasn't expecting to do the mindset with food because I never thought about analyzing my relationship with food. I've never got this from any trainer I've worked with. The three-tier aspect of how to approach nutrition and weight loss, is phenomenal.

"Thanks for offering this program. I have learned a whole lot in one day. And, I love how it's so much freedom in what I can do. Using the one swap you taught me, I'm already down 4 pounds and I feel good about what I'm doing! Plus, I'm still eating food I love. Like wow!"

"You told me what to look at instead of just calories and I didn't have to prepare 6-8 meals a day! I like simplicity!

"OMG! This helped me a lot. I'm short and every program I tried didn't work. Once I learned how to eat for my body, especially with carbs, and how to have good food, I finally trimmed my body. The mindset stuff we did really helped me think about all of this differently. I'm doing this for ME!"

You're not the only one who's struggled with nourishing their body well!

See what other women just like you had to say about what they've learned and experienced...

I wasn't expecting to do the mindset with meal planning because I never thought about analyzing my relationship with food. I've never got this from any trainer I've worked with. The three-tier aspect of how to approach nutrition and weight loss, is phenomenal.

You connected all of these dots that I didn't even realize could be connected. You've given me all of the pieces. When I tried before, I had one piece or another, but not both together. I feel like I can do this! You gave me all of the pieces to the puzzle. This was good!

At one point, meal planning used to stress me out and it was a struggle. Now I just know what to do, how to do it because of the knowledge that's given me knowledge. The one thing that stuck with me is to ENJOY WHAT YOU EAT! I've followed other meal plans and I just didn't stick with it because it was bland food. My mindset has changed a lot. I've never been trained to train my mind. I'm so glad!

What I love about the way Tamasia teaches how to eat is that it's no fluff and because she is so thorough, it makes it easier to get results. I love that she cares about her clients.

I'm a very principle-centered person and I like to understand why this and why that and I love that you broke everything down for me. My cycle is better, I have more energy, and I'm noticing big changes after just two weeks. And, the dress I was focusing on FIT!

I used to think that I didn't have time to meal plan. That it would take too long. That I wouldn't be able to eat good food. Truthfully, that it wouldn't work. I'm glad I was wrong. This is the first program that taught me how to live my life instead of just giving me another meal plan. I'm so thankful!

The Power of Nourishing Our Bodies Well

Now I want you to imagine what life will feel like when you...

are 10+ lbs lighter

have a smaller waist

have more energy

have an outfit or two fitting better

are feeling lighter on your feet

are having a better night's sleep

are walking with more confidence

have lost weight and kept it off

no longer worry about food being the boss of you

can make yourself feel proud...

What did that feel like for you?

Sis, it starts with the foundation we're building and using what you're going to learn during the

Nourish Your Body Well Program!

I know you've tried meal planning and diets before.

You've tried losing weight before.

I'm pretty sure you haven't tried to lose and keep off weight, this way. If I'm wrong, I'll give you your money back!

Here's why... When WE do it together, here's what makes it different...

You'll establish "Me Time" in your schedule (rather than focusing on meal planning) and why it's important to honor your self-date.

You'll explore your go-to foods, deepen your knowledge about serving sizes, and know the difference between snacks, treats, and emotional eating.

You'll plan a tasteful and purposeful menu for the week (or the next few days) using the Nourish My Body Well Checklist so you can feel accomplished and prepared.

You'll know what to do when you're planning, beyond just putting things into a container.

You'll understand the number 1 thing that will always get you whatever result you desire! (hint: it's not consistency)

You'll have a (preliminary) schedule to stick to in case you forget to or skip meals.

You'll choose something fun to do while you prepare your menu for the week ahead.

You'll clarify your "why" and have your own affirmations and mindset tricks.

You understand how to level up so you can always live your life without worrying about the scale.


What else is included in the Nourish Your Body Well Program?

Nourish Your Body Well Parties

to make getting into a routine stick and nourishing your body well fun and done!

Nourish My Body Well Cheatsheet and Checklist

Isn't life better when you have clarity and know how much to eat of the foods you love? That's what you'll get, too!

Plus, you'll know what to consider when planning your menu to make sure you're set up for success.

Nourish My Body Well Journal

because how you start your day matters and putting you (and God) at the top of your day is key! This is the place to keep everything nourishing your body well in one place!

Affirmations, Community, and Live Coaching

Prepare for laughs, questions answered at the moment, to meet women from across the east coast, and to wrap up each night with affirmations to kick your lifestyle into gear!

Hi! I'm Tamasia and I'll be your coach during the Nourish Your Body Well Program!

At one point in my life, I was a busy educator who just couldn’t seem to gain any traction with my weight.

I was 245 lbs. I was heavy. I was stressed. I was juggling a lot. And, while I loved what I was doing (helping kids navigate the college process), enough was enough.

I struggled to lose weight and it was taking a toll on me.

I was all over the place.

I wasn’t able to stick with anything.

Especially when I would skip meals, forget to prep or cook, miss workouts, and would just order whatever was close, which was usually Chinese food.

Anyway, it wasn’t until I paused and got a grip on myself and this thing called nourishing my body well, that I was able to lose 80 lbs while juggling my crazy charter school schedule, being in a graduate program, and running a nonprofit organization.

So I know it can feel impossible, however, it can be done!

It started with me. I wanted oh-so-badly to fit into these size 12 Express jeans. I'll be honest, doing so literally changed my life!

I also remember this blue dress! I wore it to a co-worker's wedding.

Flash forward to the blue dress on the right.

I'm the same person (just a little lighter and with much less hair).

I just learned and committed to the few principles that I'm going to teach you, purchased a food scale, and focused on loving myself and nourishing my body well.

This Nourish Your Body Well Program is the tip of the iceberg to experiencing something you've never had before, but want so badly.

Now I’m obsessed with women knowing how to nourish their bodies well and lift weights like a conqueror so they can fit into clothes they never thought they could, keep off weight for good and conquer at work, home, and in their lives.

Now, I'm a size 6/8 and I've never even worn the black jeans!

Sidenote: I've never been this small in my life. So, WE got this, sis!

How does this program work? How do I get started?

To get started, you can click the button below to get started. If you have questions before getting started, you can schedule a Zoom call with Coach T or email tamasiajohnson@gmail.com.

During that time, we'll both determine if the program is a fit for you, discuss the investment options and get you started right away! You'll also get an email!

If you are unable to join live (which I definitely recommend), you will have access to the replay which will be available for one week after the program ends.

This program is very hands-on and watching a replay isn't the same as learning and working through the topics together. At the end of each session, you'll have another piece of the puzzle.

What happens after the program ends? How can I stay accountable?

If you would like to continue what you've learned in the program with a coach, community, and accountability, you can learn more about becoming a member of the Nourish My Body Well Community for $49/m!

Every week, there's a weekly Nourish My Body Well session and Zoom "office hours" to help you with planning and staying accountable.

We also have ladies' nights, meal-prepping parties, educational workshops, daily workouts, monthly challenges, and more.

What If I miss a day? Will the replay be available?

Yes! If you are unable to join live (which I definitely recommend), you will have access to the 5-day Meal Planning Challenge replay which will be available for one week after the challenge ends.

I have another question, who can I contact?

You can email Tamasia at tamasiajohnson@gmail.com with any questions you have!

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